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I have seen the skincare brand Verso literally everywhere and I have to admit that the brand looked so appealing to me. I love the sleek and minimalistic design and could not wait to try out the products myself.

Today I would like to share my thoughts about the Verso Antioxidant Turmeric Booster.
I love a good serum and I love turmeric too. Random little fact but I am obsessed with ginger and turmeric shots and I always add turmeric to all my smoothies.

Anyway, back to skincare! 

The Turmeric booster is a serum that helps to fight off damaging antioxidants. 
The serum includes turmeric and Vitamin E, the formula helps to hydrate the skin and improves the skin that leaves the skin looking younger and feeling smoother. 

The formula from the Turmeric Booster is super light, which makes it an ideal product for sensitive skin. You can use it during the day and night too, personally I absolutely love to use this serum during the day. 
It feels so hydrating and makes my skin feeling super soft and smooth, it just gives my skin an overall awake feeling.

The only downside of the product might be the packaging for me, somehow I don’t seem to get on with it. It’s quite difficult to get the serum out of the pipette, but that is a very minor point. 

This serum leaves my skin feeling absolutely gorgeous and I am super curious to try more from this beautiful brand.

Did you already try something from Verso, if so; what would you recommend me to try next?

Thank you so much for reading, XX Wiesje 

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