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We scrub our body, we scrub our face, our hands and feet. Ever thought about scrubbing your scalp? Does this not sound a bit funny? I never even thought about this for a second in my life. But when you start thinking about the idea, it actually makes a lot of sense. Recently I start to scrub my scalp and today I share my experience with you. 

I am very loyal to my face and body scrub; I even use a foot scrub once a week. I try to look after my hair the best I can, but do I also spend a lot of attention to my scalp? No, not so much. What am I supposed to do with my scalp? I have honestly no idea, and with no issues on my scalp, I didn’t see it as a real must. This all changed quickly when I read about the Grow Scrub from the Vegan brand; Umberto Gianniniout and they’re grow-scrub made me extremely excited straight away, I could not wait to try this out myself.
Umberto Giannini is an UK brand with a focus on vegan and cruelty free products. Their belief is that no animals need to be harmed for mascara or some hairspray. An all-female team who are famous for creating the best natural curly hair products and they are obsessed with creating ingenious new formulas to help love our own natural hair – even more. 

The brand sounds exciting to me, an all-female team filled with boss girls who focus on products that are good for our planet, animals and our hair. I am all here for that.

Caffeine and black coffee seed extract, Algae, Sea salt granules, Irish moss and Seaweed.

This scrub is specially made for our scalp. The idea of this scalp scrub is that it removes dead skin and product build-up on your scalp, without stripping the hair. It will leave your scalp fresh, clean and it will stimulate the new hairs to grow! The result on longterm will be longer and stronger hair, faster! 

Here you can see the consistency from the product, an actual scrub!

This scrub is perfect to use once a week. It will unblock the hair follicles and remove build-up. Just massage it gently into the scalp and rinse out. You do not need to use shampoo after, it also contains cleansing agents to gently detox your hair. Due to the natural origin of the ingredients, it might be possible that the colour or consistency from the product will change over time, but this is nothing to worry about. 

How did I get on with this product?
Oh dear, I am not going to lie. I was a little nervous when using this for the first time. Just because the product is an actual scrub, and it felt a bit odd to use this on my scalp. However, the product is very easy in use. First I wet my hair completely, and after I just massaged the product completely on my scalp, I used a little bit too much product the first time but that is always a bit of a gamble. The product does foam, and it feels actually very comfortable on my scalp, I loved it. The smell for me was also really good, but this might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I felt that I had a lot of volume when rinsing the product out and it felt super clean. I did use a shampoo after, because I usually only wash my hair once a week, after the shampoo I used the conditioner and that was my hair wash routine from the week! Something completely new, and I absolutely loved it. This will be a new friend in my weekly routine. I am not using the product long enough to tell you guys if my hair grows better/faster, it is still early days, but I will give you an update regarding this. For now, I am very surprised by this product and I can recommend this to every one, let’s not only look after our hair, but also the scalp, who is doing the hard work!

The price is 9 pound and the pot is 230ml. Please click on the link to order your Umberto Gioannini products!

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