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I love a good turmeric shot, you know one of those that your throat is actually on fire? I actually love those! When I came across this turmeric clay mask, I didn’t even think twice – turmeric in combination with clay, amazing! Let’s take this little number home.

I don’t really need to tell you anymore how much of a fan I am from face masks. No week goes by that I do not use a face mask, sometimes once sometimes twice, depending on my skin, my mood and the time I have. The best thing for me is to lock myself in the bath room and spend some time with all my favourite skin care products.

Today I would like to share another favourite of mine, which is this clay mask from Botanical Lab. I’ve already shared some other products from The Botanical lab and I am a fan. The ingredients are great, the results are super and the price is super reasonable. This clay mask is a deep cleansing treatment that works by unclogging the pores and removing excess oil without overdrying the skin. With minteral rich clay, helps to gently exfoliate, removes impurities, keeping blemishes away.

The key ingredients are;
Indian clay and Kaolin. Turmeric and witch hazel.

This mask is great to use twice a week, apply a thin layer all over your face – or just on the problem areas and leave this on for 15 minutes. Wash your face and check out that healthy and glowing skin!
This is already my second pot from the blemish control mask and I absolutely love it, the price is just 7 pounds and the results are great. For everyone who does has some spots and redness, this mask will be a must to try out, you won’t regret it.

With love, Wiesje

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