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Tom ford is my absolute favourite when it comes down to perfumes. Sadly, I finished another bottle from one of Tom Ford his perfumes; White Patchouli, and today I would like to talk more about this incredible scent.

I have always been a big perfume lover, one of my very first own perfume bottles was a scent from Puma, a light pink bottle and I remember spraying one little spray behind my ear and one spray on my wrist, I massaged my wrists against each other and I was ready for the day. One bottle lasted me for ages back in the day, because I was so careful when using it. How times are changed! These days I am using loads of product, even when the perfume is very strong, it is just a habit which I am not planning on changing any time soon anyway, I am just very much into my perfume.

I would like to start with the fact that perfume is a very personal choice, of course, every perfume smells completely different on someone else, a perfume what might smell gorgeous on me can be on your skin completely different and the other way around. I didn’t share many perfumes with you guys yet, just because of the reason I just mentioned, perfume is personal. However, I do like to share my favourite products with you guys, and so also my favourite perfume.

Beautiful bottle.

This scent from Tom Ford is originally released in 2008, so this scent is already quite a few years in the game and still very popular. I completely understand why though! To give you a better impression from this perfume;
The top notes from this perfume are;
Bergamot, Peony, White Flowers and Coriander.
The Heart notes are
Rose, Ambrette Seed and Night Blooming Jasmine.
The Base Notes are; Incense, Patchouli Orpur, Woody notes.

I love perfumes that include bergamot, coriander and patchouli, I also love anything woody and another favourite of mine is musk, my perfumes are usually quite heavy and I am very much aware that my test in perfumes is not everyone’s cup of tea. I love a smell that stays for the full day and that you can wear either, during the day or for dinner in the evening. A heavy smell is very much me.

White Patchouli has it all for me, it is perfect for during the day when going to the office but when you plan to go for a couple of drinks, a meeting or a dinner, this perfume will go perfectly with whatever is in your diary for that day. It’s a classy and strong smell, but not sweet. Oh, I really hope that I can give you guys a good explanation from this perfume. In 10 years time, our computers are probably so clever, that we have a button on our screen so you can smell the product! For now, I am more than happy to write it all down for you guys.

The 100ml bottle is £117 and you can buy yours here;

Please, tell me what is your favorite perfume!

With love,

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