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Rituals, personally I think that this brand will never disappoint anyone. Lovely body-cream and shower products. The smell is great and it leaves your skin feeling luxurious and soft. It is like a spa moment at home. I stole this body cream from my mums when visiting family back home in Holland, and a new favourite was born.

This magic body cream from Rituals with the smell of cherry blossom and organic rice milk. The consistency is super thick, but it sinks into the skin super quick, the smell is literally amazing and it leaves my skin feeling so super soft. I am using this product in the morning and in the evening, just because I like spoiling myself and the feeling on my skin is great, thanks mum! I Found this pot somewhere on her cabinet in the bedroom, and untouched skincare products are very tricky when I am lucky enough to find this. I always need to try and smell everything, so here we go.

The pot of the body cream is 200ml and the price is around 18 pound / euro. I do not think that this is actually cheap, but the cream is so lovely and you do not need a lot of product when using it, however, I do use quite a lot each time, just because I love the feeling when using it.

I mean, literally. Does Rituals ever disappoint? I think that Rituals is a great present idea too, the body creams and shower foams are something else, this will make everyone happy. I actually received a shower foam last year, and my boyfriend got one too, from my lovely friend Romy, and my man loved this foam so much that we started to argue who could use the last bit of product in the package, lol I guess that is a good sign.

What is your favourite product from Rituals? For me absolutely the shower foam and body cream.

With love,

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