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It gives you the perfect light coverage, makes your skin look flawless and it includes spf 15. I am talking about the serum foundation from The Ordinary.

One of those products for me that I am a huge fan of for a long time. I remember when this foundation came out and people went absolutely mental about it. Well, of course I got super curious and made my way to the online shop to order myself a couple of colours from the Serum Foundation. My expectations were very low, 5 pound for a foundation, this product can’t be much.
My goodness me, I was wrong! So wrong. This product made a huge difference and it really made myself realise that spending around 40 pound for a foundation isn’t needed at all.

Tell me more about the brand ‘The Ordinary’; Wrote about this particular skincare brand before, it is a brand with a huge choice of skincare products. The ingredients are more than amazing and the package are simple but clean. The ordinary makes skincare possible for everyone. Whatever skin issue you are dealing with, The Ordinary can help you.
From acne to sensitive to anti-ageing. They have it all. And the best thing is, it actually works so well.
When you open my bathroom cabinet you will see plenty products from the brand and also a couple of foundations.

At the moment they have two different kind of foundations on the market, which is the serum foundation and the full coverage foundation.
The serum foundation is light coverage and the full coverage, of course, is much more coverage.
Personally I only tried the serum foundation because I like a light coverage. My skin is much better lately (touch wood) so a light coverage makes me actually a happy woman.

The 1.2 is a very light naturel colour, I mix this with a slightly darker tint.

This foundation gives me a super light coverage, but does the job really well. It covers any redness or small spots but it gives you still a very natural look.
The ingredients are great and it is very lightweight. As I mentioned before, the foundation also includes spf15. However, I still use my own spf underneath. Just to be extra sure!

The price? Another great thing, just under 6 pound. Isn’t that amazing? If you did not give this foundation a go yet, please do!

With love,Wiesje

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