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The Jade Facial Roller.

This does not happen very often to me, but I felt that I did not had any other choice anymore. I saw this literally product everywhere, no change that I could open a magazine or website without seeing this little skincare tool. It looks like a little gemstone on a roller, the ‘Jade facial roller.’ They are super populair at the moment and it was time to get myself one of these rollers to try it out!

What is the Jade facial roller? We go way back in time, this product is very common in China, people in China using the Jade facial roller daily to keep the skin youthful, sounds good to me.
The jaderoller is made of a gemstone, the name of the gemstone is ‘Jade’ this gemstone has cooling and healing benefits. 

How does it work? I need to be honest, it is an interest product. You can use the roller with or without a product as base on your skin. I tried both ways and I prefer to use a serum on my skin first; I apply a serum all over my face and then it’s time to roll! I start by my jawline and I work my way up, I do every step about three times before moving to the next part of my face, the smaller bit of the roller is ideal for around your eyes and eyebrows. 

And, does it work? Great question! First I would like to tell you guys, this tool is so relaxing. I really love the feeling that, it has such a cooling and relaxed feeling. on my skin. Personally I prefer to use the roller before I go to bed, after doing my night skincare routine. It works great on the blood stimulation from the skin and you are ready to jump in your bed with an amazing glowing skin and a relaxed feeling.

I can also imagine that when you use the roller often, it will work great on the blood stimulation from your skin and dark circles around your eyes, or those lovely puffy morning eyes that we probably all experience from time to time..
My thoughts; Overall I can really recommend this product. Personally I do find it a winner for my skincare routine, it is absolutely a keeper. I do not use the product long enough to tell you how it works after a couple of months, but I do promise you guys to give you an update when I do use the product long enough! 
Where to buy? Please check the following website to order your jaderoller, the price is £34.

Do you already have experience with a jaderoller? Please let me know if you do, I am really curious.

With love,

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