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Tea tree oil, we probably all heard about this essential oil. Tea tree is an essential in my stash for many, many years and today I will tell you why.

Tea tree is an essential oil that you can use for many different things, especially for the skin I think it is a great product.
Next to the fact that you can use the oil for different purposes, tea tree oil is inexpensive and safe to use.
Where can you use tea tree oil for?Plenty things! First of all, you can use the tea tree as a hand sanitizer, this because it does kills bacteria.
Great to use on your body during summer time to keep the mosquitoes away. Ugh, we all know how annoying these things are and I guess we all prefer to keep these small but powerful assholes far away from us. You can use it as an antiseptic on small wounds, be careful, as it might sting a little bit.
Now we going to talk about my main purpose of this product; cleaning up acne! Spots, uneven skin. Yes, tea tree does it all. It works great on an uneven skin, as I’ve mentioned plenty times before, my skin is far from perfect and I always suffered from an uneven skin tone and spots. My skin does always have a different idea in mind than I do, yes fair to say that my skin is a little bit stubborn. However, tea tree helped me endless, and still does. I always have a little pot in my stash and in a moment of an uneven skin or an uninvited friend (spot) I grab my tea tree and put it on the affected area. We give it a little bit of time, and when I am in or around the house I use it sometimes more often, after a short amount of time, the spot usually already goes down. Amazing.

It literally works really well on any kind of unevenness and another
tip from me, is that when my skin has one of those days, I apply a thicker
layer all over my face, after this I use a face mask, in combination with the
tea tree. You will be surprised by the results!

The smell; I do not mind it, but I can imagine that some people find it a bit strong. Something to get used to, I guess. Or just ignore it, because it is worth it in the end… ; )
With love,Wiesje

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