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Fake tan is if you ask me, always a tricky one. There is a thin line between a healthy glow and looking like a carrot. In the past I absolutely ended up looking like a carrot, I guess I was a bit too enthusiastic with the product. However, I now found a product which gives me the best natural glow possible, and I am obsessed! I do already want to mention a massive plus and that is that the smell from this product is actually so great!

I am going to be upfront with you guys but I was so sceptical about this product. I used plenty fake tan products in my life, back in the days I did the spray-tans, been there done that all! I am a curious person, so when there is something new and I didn’t try it out yet, I don’t even think twice, usually three seconds later I did already purchase the product or, I am completely naked in the spray tan cabin, to get that full body tan.
Never super pleased with the results, as soon as the tan is finished I feel super smelly and after a few days it will become patchy. You basically ending up like a little tiger with stripes all over your body. I am just not feeling that anymore, I feel that a spray-tan is great for a wedding for example or a party, just one of those occasions that you would like a lovely tan in a short period of time. But, not for every day life, way too much hassle.

The product I would like to talk about today is a face mist including a self tan, I’ve already been talking about a face mist plenty times as it’s one of my favourite face products to use, so refreshing and easy. When I heard about the combination from a self tan and a face mist you can probably imagine that I was sold in a second. Ok, time to go to the shop to get myself a bottle.

This little number is something else, first I would like to talk about how easy this product is, you literally spray it over a clean face in the morning or the evening, carry on with your day or go to bed and wake up with a lovely tanned glow. It is literally that easy. As I said before, I was so sceptical, I really thought ‘here we go again, tomorrow I will wake up and look like an orange, I will need to jump into a shower and scrub my entire face off…’ Not – at – all!
It is not a product that I use every day, one week I am more obsessed with it but this not has any particular reason. Especially in the spring and summer I love using it, it gives me just a little bit that extra glow without the need to put any make-up on. My daily makeup is so light and I don’t use a foundation anymore for ages, so the only thing what is needed is some concealer and the spray! What a miracle. Plus, you do not have the damage from the sun. Double plus!! The product will last on your skin for a day or three, you can build it up to use it every day or every other day, but of course washing your face two times a day will wash it slowly off.

The product is around 22 pound for a bottle from 80ml and it will last you a long time, they are also often in the ‘buy one get the other one half price.’ So you are able to stuck up. Always clever to watch your money, guys!

Do you already have experience with this product? If so, what are your thoughts?

With love,Wiesje

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