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Self-care Sunday. This must be one of my favourite days of the week. Face mask, hair mask and a quick pedicure. Next, to all my beauty habits, I make sure that I prepare myself for a new week. Listen to motivational podcasts, I write my new goals down for the week and I make my to-do lists. Sunday is so important and always so productive for me.

For me, self-care is very important. I don’t only value the time that I spend with myself, but I also find it very important to keep my mind, skin, body and hair healthy. I truly believe that if you look after yourself, how rubbish you might feel that day, you will attract positive energy when feeling more positive about yourself. This is why looking after yourself is extremely worth it. We need to be our own best friend. You can send me on a holiday all by myself for three weeks and I would have the best time! As long as I can write, do my masks and listen to podcasts, oh and there need to be nice food involved!

My Sundays are not for laying on the sofa in my joggers, I spend my Sunday in the bathroom, the gym, and in and around my flat. Today it’s time for a face mask, a hair mask, a quick pedicure and plenty of hydrating body lotion, I saw so much sun yesterday! 

I start with a quick gym session in the morning, which is by far the most painful goal from the day. Since the miscarriage I find it quite difficult to go back to the gym and I am still not really feeling it, but I make sure that I go at least during the weekends, and I am sure that I am coming back to my usual schedule soon. 
After this, we are getting ready for some mask time! I have usually every Thursday and Sunday a face mask, and on Sunday I also wash my hair.

The face mask I am using today is; a Diamond Gold Dust Sheet Mask.

The hair mask I am going to give a try today is;

So excited to try this one out! The smell is already amazing…

Excited! Both products are completely new for me, and you guys can expect a review on my blog soon. Of course, every product I try out, I not only use for myself, if I want the product interesting enough I will always share this in a blogpost with you.

When the mask is in my hair I give myself a quick pedicure, my least favourite part of my beauty routine. I go for a pedicure in the salon every 2.5 months or so, but in between I try to do it myself… I am just not great with nails and it will never look so good when I do it myself, but we just give it try! A bit of dark red nail polish and getting rid of the dead skin, I am wearing heels almost 24/7 and my feet must hate me by now.

When doing my beauty routine, I listen to motivation videos who make me go during my daily jobs as a real soldier. I love listening to Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, and Gary Vee, David Goggins is another one who I love to listen to. It might not be anyone cup of tea, but for me it works very well, this is how I start every morning, and how I finish every day.

I write my goals down in my daily journal. I make a weekly plan for my blog, I make stupid jokes to my man Justice and we eat usually way too much on a Sunday. 
During the day I spend most of my time behind my laptop, writing articles and when there is good light in our flat I will make pictures from the products that I would like to write about on my blog. 
Sunday’s are so productive for me and I feel so inspired and creative, it is just the best feeling in the world.

I think self-care is extremely important, we really need to look after ourselves. From the outside, but even more so from the inside. We need to be kind to ourselves, focus on the things that makes us happy, whatever it might be, make sure you do not forget about your dreams and goals. Sometimes we need to take a little step back to overlook the situation and make sure we stay focused on what we really want to achieve, life is so short and the time goes so quick, let’s love our self very much, I truly believe that it is all about the energy. Feel positive about yourself and you will attract positive energy from everywhere. Please, do not tell me there is no time for self-care, we all have the same 24 hours in the day, it is all about priorities lovely’s! And please, please make sure that you make yourself a priority, because you are so worth it!

With love,

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