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Not sure if I should call this a good thing, but nature had the plan to gave me some lovely dark circles under my eyes. Fair to say that concealer is one of my best friends in the morning. Together with a strong coffee, it is one of those things that are on the must-have list for me.

We all love some good products with a decent price tag, right? Let’s be honest, I am not being Dutch here, but a bargain never hurt anyone. Well, let’s talk about this concealer, listen to me; this might change your life.
Literally, I am probably a bit late with my review, because this product is all over the internet, so of course, I dived into the shop, got myself a couple colours and start using the product. Always one of those things to find the right shade, I am pale but the skin tone under my eyes is super interesting, thin and on a good day, it looks a bit blue, lucky me.

Anyway, let’s talk about the product, I am talking about the concealer from Revolution, this brand is available by Superdrug and online and I would like to call it an amazing budget brand. The products are great and the price tag? Amazing.
What I also would like to mention is that this concealer is available in plenty different colours. From super pale to dark skin tones, which I think is a great plus.

What are the benefits of the product? This is a concealer great to use under your eyes, to cover blemishes and even the skin tone. The concealer has a matte finish that won’t accentuate fine lines and pores. It is a long wearing concealer with intense pigment, you can also use this as a contour or add definition. It has a large foot applicator that is easy to use for a smooth application and it will not irritate the delicate skin under the eyes.


What are my thoughts? What can I say? I used all different kind of concealers, all different kind of brands – high end and lower price tags, and I can say in all honesty, it is a game changer. I am this person that when I really like something, people around me need to buy it as well, so when my sis was over she did not leave London without a couple new concealers, and this is the same for my friends. It is an amazing product and I use it every day.
I have two different kind of colours, number C4 and number C5. Sometimes I mix both, other days I only use the C4 or the C5. At the moment, C5 is my favourite. I really feel that if you did not check this product out yet, please give it a go. The coverage is amazing, the package is easy and great to put in your make-up bag. It will sit on your skin all day and it does the job really well.
The price from this product? 4 pound for 4gram. Like; Wauw.
With love, Wiesje

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  1. Angelique zegt:

    Leuk te lezen.
    Voor welke huid is deze geschikt? Ook voor de wat oudere droge/vochtarme huid? Concealers hebben bij mij onder de ogen de neiging te droog te worden

    • Wiesje zegt:

      Hoi lieve Angelique, bedankt voor je leuke reactie, deze concealer is echt heel erg fijn en zeker het proberen waard, ook geschikt voor vochtarme ogen! X

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