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Weightless volume while protecting against the heat damage. A great combination and today I like to tell you more about the Pureology clean volume levitation spray.

This volume spray does not only give you endless volume on the roots of your hair, it also protects your hair when using heat, such as a blow-dryer or curling wand. Which is of course, super important, as heat does damage your hair. Personally, I barely use any heat on my hair, I really try to do this less as possible, my hair is thick but also very stubborn, it lives her own life completely and it can get so super frizzy, unbelievable. It does fit my personality, stubborn. Well, that on the side, let’s move on to the product.

I am using this volume spray more as an overall protection spray for my hair, because I personally believe that not only heat damages your hair, but also sunlight and actually just being outdoors. I spray this on my roots and brush it, after this I use my fingers to create more volume, and voila! A full head of hair.
The spray also makes my hair smell lovely and it does add a great shine, I am super pleased with this product and the bottle is big, 145ml for a price of 25pound. Not so cheap, but it will last you for ages! I do not wash my hair every day, so I only use this spray around once a week when I would like to add more volume by my roots.
I am a huge fan from the products from Pureology, the shampoo and conditioners are my absolutely fav and I use this already for ages, it protects your hair because it is free from any chemicals and silicones, which is a must for me. I always only use silicone and sulphate free products on my hair.

If you did not try the Pureology products yet, please have a look into it, you will not regret it. Do you already have experience with the Pureology products? If so, let me know as I am so curious!
The product is 100% vegan, free from sulphates, silicones and parabens.

With love,Wiesje

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