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I have so many products that I love, so I thought I share a little collection with you guys today. Just some random products that I am enjoying at the moment. Click for the items that bring me a lot of joy!

-Byredo Flowerhead hand cream. Oh, this makes me want to buy the perfume too… And I love the name from this product, so cute.

-Susanne Kaufmann Herbal Whey Bath, this product is so lovely, I use this in my baths on the Friday evening (it’s a lockdown thing, wild Friday nights, I’m sure we all can relate..) Leaves my skin so silky soft, love it.

-Coco Chanel Le Blanc, Rosy Light Drops, these are lovely if you want to add a little something to your face to get a natural glow, I am all into cream and liquid make-up products lately and this is beautiful.

Face mists, work desk essentials – at all times, I use these bottles a million times a day, keeps me going and hydrated.

My lovely friend gave me some beautiful goodies from this brand, absolutely amazing.

Byredo Eau De Parfum, even though I am working from home, I love to use (plenty) perfume and this is one of my favourites at the moment.

Faith in Nature shower gels, oh wauw, especially the Grapefruit and Orange is So, so lovely, the bottles are huge too, 400ml! Need to try them all.

Feel the fear and do it anyway; a book that I have read a few times, and will continue to do so. Love it and I think that everyone should give this a go.

Did you spot any products that you love to use too? Wish you all a Happy New week!
Thank you for reading, lots of love, Wiesje

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