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Penhaligons Sartorial Perfume

Perfume of the day.

This perfume is so different than any other perfumes in my stash, quite strong and heavy, but very warm at the same time.

I have always been into heavier perfumes, I often go for perfumes that you find in the male section, just because I like the smell so much more. Perfumes are so special, the scent can bring back so many memories and I feel so much better when wearing a beautiful perfume, there truly is something missing when I am not wearing it.

Even on days that I am working from home and basically not leave the house, I love to cover myself in a beautiful scent.

This is my first ever Penhaligons perfume and I can tell you already, it’s certainly not the last. The Penhaligons Sartorial eau de toilette includes;
Top notes such as; Violet Leaf, Neroli, Black Pepper and Fresh Ginger.
Heart notes; Beeswax, Lavender, Leather.
Base notes; Gurgum Wood, Myrhh, Tonka Bean, Old Wood Effect.

This scent might not be for everyone, but in case you are into a warmer, heavier scent, please do check this out — it’s beautiful.

I wish you all a beautiful (Valentines) Sunday xx Wiesje

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