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Since lockdown a lot of certain habits has changed, my make-up routine has changed drastically, (read non-existent) my hair is in much need of a good haircut and my nails are completely back to natural – no acrylics anymore and it makes me feel so weird, I would never expect that I would miss having my fake nails, but here we are. 

However, I really tried to step up my natural nail game and want my nails to be healthy as possible, so I purchased a few bits to help me with my healthy nail journey.

I have acrylics since living in London and not working as a beautician anymore, I always liked longer nails and working in a salon, long nails aren’t very practical, so it just wasn’t an option. 

Anyway, after having acrylics for many, many years, the pandemic hits – no salons open and so that was me done, no infills anymore!

I had no other option than to wait for my nails to grow out naturally, they looked awful. While I was patiently waiting on my nails to grow long and strong again, I decided to purchase a few bits online.

The O.P.I Envy range works very well to strengthen the nails and helps to make the nails grow long and strong. 
I purchased the Natural Nail Strengthener which is a clear polish.

Next to that I also ordered a few nude colours, I am all here for the nude colours, I wear a lot of black, grey, white and natural colours so when wearing a nude nail, it just always fits with my outfit.

The 3 colours I purchased are;

  • Samoan Sand.
  • Bubble Bath.
  • Hawaiian Orchid.
Samoan Sand
Bubble Bath
Hawaiian Orchid

All the above colours are as you can see, very natural. Hawaiian Orchid is probably my favourite, it’s just a little bit more pink. Great colour to use on the feet too. 

I do feel that my nails are already stronger, the O.P.I products are so good, however I am absolutely buzzing to step into a nail salon again to get a proper manicure! First world problems, I know…. But hey, self-care is so important.

Thank you for reading, XX Wiesje

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