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Only four months’ left in 2019. Let’s be and stay focused.

I am literally baffled by the fact that this year only has four month’s left. Up till now this year has been probably one of the most intense years for me so far, and this is why I feel extra motivated to make something positive from the last few months left. Saying that, I realised that the last few weeks I started to compare myself with other people, why did that happen, and what kind of outcome does it have?

I’ve always read and learned that you should not compare yourself with other people, this because we are all different, and we all walk different paths of life.
As my man would say; ‘we are all different kind of cars with different engines.’ However, this is sometimes easier said than done. Especially when dealing with difficulties.
Dealing with the situation is one point, but dealing with your mindset is the second point which is also extremely important, a couple of weeks ago I read an article and the following words really got to me; ‘the question is not if you can handle the situation, the question is, can you handle your mind.’  I couldn’t agree more, often the mind-set makes the situation more difficult, more intense. You can get so caught up in your own thoughts that it seems to get all cloudy and messy up there.

We are already in mid-August, another four months to go and a lot of us are spending the coins on the Christmas presents at that time. I feel old when I say this out loud, but the time goes so bloody quick.
And lately, I realize that myself even more. I still find it very difficult to deal with the miscarriage but I truly try to look forward and make the last four months more positive. I want to achieve certain goals and work on myself and my passion, which is, of course, writing. My writing has also been so good for me in the last few weeks, as I just keep writing when I feel down or sad, and it is like cleaning your mind.

However, often when I look around on, for example, social media, I feel that other people are achieving so much in such short periods of time. People are travelling the world, having families, go to the nicest places to have dinner and building their own brand, whatever that might be; clothes, make-up, anything. How the hell are they doing that?
Do these people not work full-time to pay the rent and the food shopping? When browsing around I often feel that other people go so much quicker, and for the last few weeks it gave me a feeling of frustration, but here is where it becomes tricky, because, I should never compare myself to someone else, no one ever should.
You never know what kind of different circumstances they have, some people might not need to work full-time to pay their bills, some people might do and only sleep one hour a night, some other people have great connections. Hard work, connections, you name it, anything is possible. 

The main reason that I am writing this today, is that I want to remind you, and myself, that we should never compare our self to someone else, focus on our own goals and our own life, what makes us happy and what do we want to achieve.
We are all such different people and we all take a different kind of speed, it is a beautiful thing and we should never look at other people as competition, do what makes you, you, and enjoy the beautiful ride. We will all get there in the end, as long as there is a mind-set of hard work, focus, and positivity. 

With love,

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