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Omorovicza – Foaming Cleanser.

Nothing beats a good cleanse! So
important to cleanse your face twice a day to keep the skin as healthy and
glowing as possible. Today I would like to talk about this interesting Foaming
Cleanser from Omorovicza. 

A couple weeks ago I shared an article about the
Hungary Skin mist from Omorovicza, today we talk about their famous cleansing
foam. I tested this product for a couple weeks and I have to admit, I am super
picky when it comes down to cleansers. They need to tick a few boxes for me,
and if this is not the case, I will usually stop using the product quick. My
skin does need a bit of attention and when I do not cleanse my skin with the
right products, I will have to deal with redness and spots… Well, that is absolutely
something that I am not so keen on, so let’s see how this cleanser suits my
skin and what my thoughts are.

What are the benefits from this product? This cleansing foam is ideal for all skin types. This
product helps to clear congestion, it is suitable for sensitive skin and it will
leave the skin feeling firmer and more luminous. A big thanks to the unique
Hydro mineral transference system, this delivers targeted minerals deep into
the skin. 

cleanser will also help to draw out impurities and balance the sebum
production. The cleanser is sulphate-free and removes all your makeup and
impurities without stripping the skin of moisture. Suitable for morning and

What are the key ingredients?Copper glugonate detoxifies, this regulates sebum production and has an astringent effect to tighten the pores. White lupin extract, this energises and revitalises the skin. Apple pectin – provides long-lasting hydration and improves suppleness.

What are my thoughts?Ok, I was so super excited to try this cleanser. I am actually always excited to try new products, but my expectations were high.
This because the skin-mist is so super lovely, Anyway, let’s get to the point, right; I am not blown away. No. It’s a good product, but I expected a little more. For me, it is an ok cleanser, but the price is for the travel-size, £18, – for just 30ml. Which is not super cheap for a small size product, as it will not last you for ages, because I cleanse my face twice a day.

Shame, overall an ok product, I usually always prefer much more to be super positive about the products I test and share on my blog. But of course, it does happen that I try products out that are just not a match made in heaven for me. And, of course it is just my personal opinion. Every skin is different and we all have different preferences. 

you already tried out this foaming cleanser? If so, what are your thoughts?

With love,Wiesje

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