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Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask.

Every month I have a few days that I need to step up my deep cleansing routine. I am almost 30 (yey!) but my skin is stubborn and even though I spoil her so, so much – she can be difficult. Anyway, on days like this, I love to grab my deep cleansing mask from Omorovicza.

I just know that this product will sort it out, in a short period of time, exactly what I like, effective and practical. This mud mask is rich in calcium, magnesium and vital nutrients.

Formulated to draw out impurities, cleanse the pores and detoxify the skin. The mask will also brightens congested and oily skin. This pot is a strong all-rounder.
The great thing about this mask is that it leaves the skin feeling so clean and fresh, but it does not try out. I often find this the struggle with mud masks, they work great, but I am not keen on the dry feeling that I feel on my skin after using a mud mask.

Such beautiful texture.

So pleased to share that the Omorovicza does not leave a dry feeling on my skin. My skin looks super radiant and bright, I absolutely love it. Also great to use on certain areas from your skin that are a little more stubborn, my chin is my problem area, so I often apply it only on my chin too.

It works so well – this pot is an absolute must in my stash, it’s one of those products that I keep repurchasing.

What is your favourite product to use when your skin is a little stubborn? I would love to hear!
Thank you for reading — X Wiesje.

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