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The relationship I have with soap bars is a real love-hate relationship. The results that are achievable with a soap bar can be very impressive, but it is just not the handiest product to use. That on the side, I do love the feeling of a good soap bar and when I saw this marble soap bar with pink clay and charcoal, I did not need to think twice.

This Pink clay and charcoal soap gently cleanse and detoxify the skin leaving it soft and silky. The ingredients charcoal deep cleans the skin for a radiant glow. (yes!) Tea tree essential oil is detoxifying so it’s great for problem skin.

Tea tree is one of my favourite essential oils, I am a huge fan. 
I am dealing with (some) spots every now and then for the last 15 years I would say, so I have quite a good idea what is working on my skin against the spots and what is not. Tea tree is a big yes for me! 

Another plus about this soap? This product is; Gluten-free, Vegan, Crueltyfree and no colouring.The product also looks very pretty, with the pink and the black mixed in one soap bar gives it some marble vibes, I like it.

What are my thoughts?
To start with the use from the product, maybe I am moaning a little bit, but I needed to find my way to use the soap bar, it is something I am not very used to anymore, but that is just me. This kind of packages are much better for the environment too. Something to keep in the back of our minds, important.

When using the soap bar, I first wet my hands, I grab the bar and get some product from the bar, time to massage this into my skin. I massage this for one or two minutes and the next step is of course, to rinse of the product.

The soap bar is super thick, lots of product for a great price.

How does it make my skin feel? 
Great! Loving it, I am using this soap bar now once a week, usually in the evening, and it makes my skin feel super, super clean. It is so soft but still intense. I do choose to use a toner after finishing with the soap bar, and after this, I apply my night serum and cream and I am ready for bed.

Would I buy this product again? Yes, the price that I paid for this bar is only 4 pound. Which I think is a great product for a skin cleanser, I pay usually a lot more. But this product is doing an amazing job, the soap bar will last you for absolute ages, you only use such a small amount of product, again – a big plus!

With love,

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