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OLAPLEX HAIR PERFECTOR NO3. Repairs and strengthens all hair types.

I think it is fair to say that this is one of the most popular products on the market when we are talking about colouring or bleaching hair. Me being on my hair-bleach journey, I knew I needed to give this product a shot, would this one right here safe my hair from becoming dry and frizzy?

I am talking about the Olaxplex Hair Perfector NO3. I feel that Olaplex is almost everywhere these days, many salons are advertising this product and blogs and magazines are filled up with information about it. Is it really that good? 

I am a very curious person, and when everyone is talking about a product I need to get my hands on it, it is a little bit like that for me. Just to test if it’s really that good, and also just because I love buying beauty products, as you guys are probably aware of already.

How to use the product?
The Olaplex Hair Perfector is not a conditioner or a mask, it is a bond builder, which basically means that it builds and reconnect damaged hair, great use after coloured or (especially) bleached hair. The star ingredient is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, sounds very difficult to me, but after doing a bit of research I found out that this is the ingredient that builds and repair your hair. It basically limits the damage to the hair during or after colouring. 

How to use the product?

Use this product once a week, for very damaged hair you can use it 2-3 a week.
Apply on damp towel-dried hair.
Apply the product from the scalp to ends until the hair is thoroughly saturated.
Leave on for a minimum of ten minutes, longer is absolutely fine too! (that is what I do.)
Rinse from the hair, and use shampoo and conditioner as usual.

What are my thoughts?
I really need to calm myself down here, I do not want to come across like a mad women, but listen people, listen. This product is something else. I am not joking. This product is literally amazing. My hair is never been extremely soft or silky in the first place, and I was very scared that when I start bleaching it, it would feel like absolute rubbish, that is not the case (probably because of the products that my hairdresser used for my hair, they are great.) But, this product made my hair-life so much easier. I can already tell you that this is a lifesaver and I will not stop using this. Great, I use it before washing it, I spray my hair wet and apply the product, make a very charming braid and I leave it for a couple of hours. In the shower, I do my usual wash routine and it is honestly amazing. I can recommend this to everyone, my best friend is using this product too and she never coloured her hair, it is a great super intense repair treatment at home.

The product is not cheap, the bottle is only 100ml and the price is around 25 pounds, oh well. I do not use a lot of product each time when using it, and its so worth it!

Did you already try the Olaplex products? If so, what are your thoughts?

With love,

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