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NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil Spray.

Dry oil. A product that I’ve read about plenty times and I’ve always thought that it was such an interesting product. I am a huge fan of products that you can use for multiple purposes, this oil is suitable for skin and hair. Time to try and experience the dry oil myself.

This iconic Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil spray will nourish, repair and soft the skin and hair. It is formulated with a unique cocktail of Vitamin E and six precious plant oils – camellia, hazelnut, borage, St John’s Wort, sweet almond and macadamia.
This oil offers ultimate hydration to leave your skin super soft, and the hair ultra-shinny! Well, that is what we want, right?
The ingredient of Tsubaki oil creates a free-radical fighting shield, this will help to combat daily pollutants that can lead to signs of ageing, this ingredient was completely new to me guys, I have to be honest. But reading in to this more, makes me super exciting.  

What makes this dry oil so special for me is that it is non-greasy and super lightweight, it is literally like nothing is on your skin but at the same time super hydrating. The smell is lovely, very settled, the top notes of Orange Blossom, rose, lily and Vanilla base notes.
Great tip is to add a drop to your foundation to achieve a smooth application or use as a deep conditioning hair mask (one of my fav tricks, works literally amazing!)

Massage into your skin for amazing hydration, can even work on stretchmarks, use as a face oil or as a serum in the ends of your hair. As you can see, an all-rounder! This product is so worth it.
It contains at least 98.1% natural ingredients, and it is free from preservatives, silicone and mineral oils.

The price is £29.50 for a 100ml bottle, which might seem quite expensive, but you only use such a small amount of product each time, this bottle will last you for ages.
I am a huge fan of this dry oil, and I am asking myself the question every day how I managed to live without this product for twenty-eight years, it is a must for me now, since the day I received it.

What is your experience with dry oils?
With love,

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