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It’s no surprise that I am always up to try new products, if my eyes seen a new brand or product, I’m getting excited straight away and ‘add to basket’ is usually the next step.

When I came across the Q+A brand, I decided to purchase a few products, I was quite curious and the price from the products is very good. I ordered 3 products in total, the Apple Aha Exfoliating Gel, the Peptide Facial serum and the Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum.

I start with the Appla AHA; I love a good exfoliate and I was super curious to use one with Malic Acid. The tube is 75ml and suitable for all skin types. I personally apply this gel and massage the product for around 20 seconds and rinse with warm water. 
I am pleasantly surprised by this product, it leaves my skin feeling super soft and smooth without drying it, this is a lovely product for an amazing price too.

The next product I tried is the Peptide Facial Serum. I love adding peptides to my routine, I used plenty peptides serums in the past but never one with such a great price tag, you can probably imagine that I was again so curious to try this out.

Overall this is a lovely serum. Sinks in the skin very well, does not leaves my skin feeling tacky and leaves my skin feeling hydrated too. It’s overall a lovely serum for anyone who would like to introduce peptides into their routine, I did not see any huge changes yet, but I do like the feeling from this serum on my skin.

The last product that I tried is the Hyaluronic Acid serum. Well, you can never have enough HA serums and I go through bottles so quick, that I decided to pick this one up too. I would personally not purchase this HA serum again, as it just didn’t do enough for my skin. My skin has changed a lot over the last few years and I need hydration, I love an oil on my face and I really want to feel that I apply something. Of course, HA is basically water, but I need a little more. This HA serum only is not enough hydration for me.

However, I do think that Q+A is absolutely amazing if you would like to play around with products or add certain products to your routine, also amazing for younger people out there.

I heard many good things about the cleansing balm, so I will purchase that to try out, and the AHA Gel is also a repurchase for me. Overall a lovely brand with some great products, I will try more from this brand and share my thoughts with you guys.

Thank you for reading, XX Wiesje

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