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NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Cleansing Balm & Cloth.

Great products will help your skin during the night a lot, it will help you waking up with a more bright and radiance skin, however, nothing is worse than a lack of sleep. One of the best combinations is a great night of sleep and amazing products. Neom can help us with both.

For anyone who is visiting my blog often, it will not come as a surprise that I am a huge fan of the Neom skincare products, I just spoiled myself again with some great goodies from this amazing brand and today I would like to talk more about the Neom Cleansing Balm. This balm comes with a special cleansing cloth which is made from 100% cotton, this cloth has two sides, one is to exfoliate the skin and the other one is more soft, which will leave your skin super clean.

What are the benefits of this product?
This balm is a 100% natural way to cleanse your skin, it will remove all traces of makeup and daily dirt, time to make your skin ready for the night-time.
The balm includes almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, rose, cherry blossom, elderflower extract and oils that are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and F. The balm also contains natural rice powder, which will gently exfoliate your skin while cleansing.

How to use the cleansing balm?
Apply the cleanser to dry skin, massage it deeply in the skin. After this, wet the special cleansing cloth with warm water and use this to remove the product from the skin.
The more textured side of the cloth is great for a gentle exfoliation. The softer side is for sensitive skin. After this you can use the Neom perfect Night’s sleep face oil or any other serum that you like to use for the night-time.
For me, this is literally one of my favourite times of the day, I love to wash my face after a long day, cleansing the make-up and dirt from the face and prepare it for the night, make sure that I use a lovely pillow-mist to spray all over my bed and in the bedroom, my little nightlight on and after I use my favourite night cream and eye cream, it is time to jump in the bed, so relaxing. Me-time is so important for me.
This Neom cleansing balm is another favourite product of mine, the smell first of all is literally something else, so, so good. Personally I am a huge fan of anything that exfoliate my skin, the exfoliation in this balm is quite soft, but it gives my skin a very clean feeling. The price for the product is £28 and the size is 100ml. I would highly recommend this product if you like to use a balm to cleanse your skin, the feeling is super relaxed and it leaves my skin very clean.

What is your favourite product from Neom?
With love,

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