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Hands… Our hands have a very tough job to do, day in and day out they work very hard. My hands are typing on a keyboard, more than ten hours a day, so it will be only fair to look after our hands very well. I love good hand cream and today I share one of my favourites with you guys.

NEOM; such a beautiful brand with a very cool story. This lady who designed the Neom Organics Skincare brand was spending seven hectic years in central London, working 60 hour weeks. Having that kind of weeks for seven years straight she didn’t manage to sleep well, stress a low energy level and mood swings. This is where her journey changed and she trained as an aromatherapist and nutritionist, not long after this Neom Skincare was born!
Feel good, look good.

Neom Organics London

Today more about this little number right here, the Neom Nourish, breathe & energise hand balm. This balm is designed to hydrate the skin and leaves the skin ultra-soft whilst boasting an aromatic scent.

The fragrance combines pure essential oils, enriched with a blend of English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine. This hand cream will make you help relax and prepare you for a night of lovely sleep. Besides feeling very relaxed, you will have beautifully smooth and soft hands.

‘A perky energizing treatment in the palm of your hand.’

The smell… The smell is literally amazing. It makes me feel so relaxed and I literally want to sniff my own hands all the time. That might look a bit odd, but I can guarantee you that it is so worth it. The smell makes me super relaxed but energizes me at the same time, this might sound a bit weird, but I do think that this is the essential oils in the product, it gives me a great feeling.
The package is 50ml and the price is £15. Very much worth it, if you ask me.
If you are looking for lovely skincare products which are natural and based on essential oils, then please check Neom Skincare out. This brand is stunning and the products are absolutely amazing.

With love,

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