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Today something a little bit different! I share my very easy and quick daily make-up routine with you guys; in pictures.

Of course, Wiesje is Wiesje and I would like to chat a little bit with you guys before taking you with me in my daily make-up routine.
My make-up routine is changed so much in the last few years, back in the day when I was still working as a beautician I would not leave the house without a full face of make-up; foundation, highlighter, blush, eyeshadow, the whole lot! 
However, me being now a young lady from 28 years young I rather choose a good concealer with mascara and a little bit of bronzer. When I go out for a nice lunch or dinner, I will pick some blush and a lipliner, but overall, I choose for a super natural and settled look. Funny how times change eh? I guess that is what age is doing with us. Iā€™m getting older and I like it all a bit more natural!
Today I would like to spice things up a little bit, I was thinking of new ways of taking you guys with me in the articles, I love writing very much but I think it is important to keep it new and interesting. Today I show you my make-up routine step by step. I start with of course, a bare face and show you my routine step by step, I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are. Very much appreciated!

The products that I am using; 
Cedar+stone eye cream – love it.
Image SPF30+ (both already on my skin when taking the first picture) -my daily sunscreen. Does not makes my skin shiny! 
Concealer; Revolution colour C5 ā€“ I am using a small brush to apply the product, which is very easy and quick.

Good morning face! At this stage, the only two products that are on my skin are the Cedar+Stone eye cream and the Image SPF30+

After this, I will first grab my concealer, this because I have those lovely blue circles under my eyes that are not really matching with my eye colour… Very easy and quick, around two or three dots of concealer under my eyes and I use a brush to apply.

Concealer time, I am using colour C5 from Revolution. I already wrote an article about this product and will link this in this article down below.
Concealer done! Ready for the next step.

The next step depends on how my skin decided to wake up in the morning. Sometimes my skin is not that red and other day’s, I might look a little bit like a cherry tomato, if that is the case (like today) I will grab my MAC powder to clean things up a little bit. I have two different colours, some days I look paler than others, in the winter I will grab the lighter shade for sure, but in the summer I might choose to mix both powders or I go for the slightly darker one.

The powder I am using is the MAC studio fix powder plus in NC25.
In this picture the bronzer (on my eyes) and the mascara is done!

After the powder, it is time for a bit of bronzer. I am using my lovely Hoola bronzer and I do not think that this will change any time soon! Great bronzer, not too warm and this bronzer is super matt. Something I really like. The next step is a little bit of lip balm and to brush my eyebrows, they are a little bit stubborn! The only product that is missing, is mascara. After applying the mascara I am all good to go!

All done and very ready for the day!

This is my daily make-up routine and it is so super easy and quick, I have to say that the bronzer gives me that little bit of extra. The next time I will share my evening make-up with you, which is a little bit more extra, but these days I rather stay in with my laptop, my man, icecream and a book. I am just so old and boring, but boy I love it!

With love, Wiesje

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