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Every Sunday evening is the same routine for me. Time to prepare for a new week and this all starts of course, with my weekly beauty routine. Today I show you step for step my Sunday evening skincare routine in pictures!

I was wearing a very light make-up today, Justice and I went to a car booth sale and we walked for about four hours in light rain, so there was basically not a lot on my face anymore.
Still very important to cleanse, so I will start doing that first. 

Products that I use to cleanse my face:
Nivea Eye-lotion, Image Balancing facial cleanser, Sukin cleansing gel and to finish of the routine I use a toner. 
After the cleanse I double-check my face for some impurities, lucky me I always have a couple. So, let’s get rid of this first.

There is very little make-up left from this day, I am already in my cosy loungewear by the way! Time to cleanse this skin.
The three products I use to cleanse my skin. The Image cleanser, Nivea eye-lotion and Sukin Cleansing gel.
The Sukin Facial toner, which you can use as a mist. So good.
Me enjoying the Sukin face mist very much!

After this, I check if my eyebrows need a tint if so, that will be the next step for me. But today it was fine as I did it last week, so let’s move on to the next one. At this stage I also apply a hair mask, Sunday is also my ‘hair wash day’ so a hair mask is a must in my routine. 
Usually, that is a scrub or a peeling, today I am using my facial scrub from Sukin. I grab this product once a week. Love it.

Scrub time! I am using the Sukin facial scrub. I use a scrub once a week.
Scrub done! Look at those little red cheeks.

After this, it will be time for my favourite part, a mask. Today I am trying my new Evelom Radiance Transforming mask– received this yesterday and I am super excited to try this out.

First time that I used this Eve Lom mask and super excited to try this. Review will follow soon!
Mask on my face, time to let this sit for 30 minutes.

When this is on my face I prepare my outfit for tomorrow and I grab all the bits that I need for work the next day. After this, I am jumping in the shower and it is my hair wash day today! 

I will do a separate ‘hair wash routine’ for you guys.
When I finish my shower it is time to moisturise the body and the face, first I use a body cream from the Body shop with the name; ‘black musk’ I got this last Christmas and the smell is incredible. After this it is time to apply the cream to my face, which I will also show you in a separate article, otherwise, the list will be very long!

When my body and face are both in the cream, it is time to relax. I make myself a tea and hopefully, there will be some chocolate left… Time to cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy the Sunday evening with my man. Nothing feels better than being completely prepared for a new week. My diary is up to date, my daily journaling is done and I am all ready and set for a new week! Bring it on.
Do you also have a Sunday evening routine? And if so, what is yours?

With love,

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