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Let’s get that glow! A little bit of highlighter would never hurt anyone. Today more about the Morphe highlighter. 

Just a little bit of highlighter on your cheekbones and you are ready to attack the day. Yes, girls get it!
Personally I am a huge fan of a good highlighter, not for every day use, but when I go out on date night or for some drinks with the girls I do like to pay a little bit extra attention on my make-up. I have to admit that back in the days I always had a full face of make-up on, included bronzer, highlighter and some blush.

These days I am more relaxed with my makeup, using just a little bit of concealer and bronzer around my eyes and I do feel I am ready to leave the house. Oh, and mascara. Otherwise I do look like a twelve years old and that is not really the look I’m after.
Today a review about the highlighter form the brand Morphe, I didn’t write a makeup review for ages, so here we go!

This Morphe highlighter in the colour spark, which is a glimmering golden pink colour, with a creamy formula.
The size of this highlighter is the travel size which is 3gram and the price is just 7pound, the size is ideal for in your makeup bag, as it is super small and easy to take with you.

The colour itself is very
lovely, although it is shimmery, the shimmers are not chunky, which gives you a
lovely ‘settled’ and classy look.

I personally like to use highlighter high on my cheekbones and around my eyebrow, just by the browbone. To complete this article, I did get my camera out and actually made some selfies for you guys, I have to admit that I didn’t take selfies with my camera for ages and actually felt a little bit awkward, but here we go.


Really tried my best to get that side profile highligther picture for you.

Did you already try products out from Morphe? If so, which one did you try?
With love,Wiesje

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