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May is my birthday month, and it was also the month that my best friend treated me with a visit here in London. This woman knows me very well and bought a couple lovely products as a treat for my birthday. Today more about a product I was looking at for ages, but just never bought it for myself; The Intense hydrating hair mask from Moroccanoil.

It is one of those brands that I was looking at for ages, super popular for their famous hair products infused with argan oil, which is great for your hair. However, I just never ordered something from the brand, which is actually very rare for me, because usually when I have my eyes on something, I do not mess around and in no time I will get it delivered on my doormat. Elmi knew that I had my eye on this brand and treated me with a lovely big pot from the intense hydrating mask, yes girl! What a great present.
Of course, I used the mask the next day, as it was hair wash day for me anyway, and I was completely surprised by how super soft and non-frizzy my hair was all day! I asked Elmi and Justice to touch the ends of my hair that day around fifteen times, and real friends just do not get bored from your weird tasks, right. However, I always give myself more time to write a real and honest review, and just trying once isn’t enough for me, so now we are in the mid of June, I think it is fair to say that I had my time and I am ready to share this product with you.

First, I would like to talk about the substance from this product. This mask is super thick, like really thick. Which gives it such an expensive feeling, I can’t really explain it, but it is so lovely on my hair. What I personally do is that before I wash my hair, I make my hair wet, especially the ends and I use this product all over my ends. I massage it and I put my hair in a high bun, I do a face mask (as usual) in the meantime and after a minute of ten I jump in the shower, ready to wash my hair. After rinsing the mask out of your hair, you already feel how super soft it is, it just feels so good. I wash my hair as usual after this, two times shampoo and conditioner after this. Ready to style it, you will see and smell the difference! The smell is literally amazing, makes me happy every time opening the package.

Look how thick the product is, so, sooo good!

What are the ingredients? Argan oil, linseed extract, citric acid.
How do I apply the product? Apply a generous amount to towel-dried hair and comb through. Leave on for 5/7 minutes and wash out. Use 1-2 times weekly. Less frequently when hair improves.
However, they do mention that you need to use a big amount of product, I personally do not agree with this. The product is so super rich, which gives you the idea that you do not need to use so much product. It will last you a long time. The price for the mask is around 22 pound and the size is 250ml.
Did you already try out the products from Moroccanoil? If so, what are your thoughts?

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