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Let’s talk about breasts today. Boobs, breast, titties; however you would like to call them. We are all blessed with our body and of course, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Today I would like to pay some attention to our boobies!

As we growing older, you will see that the skin from our boobs will
need some extra attention. The skin around this area is super delicate and
often forgotten when moisturising the body. This is probably because after the
shower we jump in our clothes or already put our bra on to not stay ages in the
cold after a nice warm shower, we cream almost our full body, but actually
forget our breast. And to be honest with you, I forgot it too. Until I came
across this boob-cream, which got my attention straight away. That is
interesting. Well guys, I am 27 years young, almost 28! So, it is time to look
after my mind and my body even better than before. Very important for me, so
the bust cream was something that we needed to purchase. Just to try it out and
see how I feel about moisturising my breast with a special product for the girls.

What are the benefits of this
It is a skin-loving treatment that visibly transforms and improves the
appearance of delicate skin. It is a fast-absorbing cream and you apply it
between the chin and the boobs, these areas are usually exposed to the sun and
this is where elasticity if often lacking, regardless of age.

What are the key ingredients?An organic blend of Omega-Rich oils and Shea Butter. It will smooth and
brightens the chest, whilst improving the skin tone. It will leave your décolletage
youthful and radiant.

What are my thoughts about this product?
Well, this product makes very much sense, in a way that we as ladies, wear often clothes that show a bit more from our décolletage, which of course, can cause sun damage. I have to say that you see me 90precent of the time in a turtleneck, as I like to be cosy and I love a turtleneck, I almost never wear clothes that show a lot, but that doesn’t mean that we do not need to pay extra attention to our girls (boobs). I am a side sleeper and you know that feeling when you wake up and feel that you didn’t turn around for about 6 hours? Wauw, that is probably also not very beneficial for your skin.

I do really like this product, I needed to get used to it, because when it just arrived, I did forget it very often, but it is now completely in my routine.
The only thought that I do need to share with you guys, is that I am not too sure how much it is different from a day or night cream for your face. The good thing about this cream is that is fast absorbed and it does give my skin there an amazing feeling, it does feels very soft and moist.

Are you already using a special breast moisturizer?
With love,Wiesje

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