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Meet and greet with Valeria Lipovetsky.

A great career, mother from three kids, married, clever, beautiful and down to earth, all in one person! I follow her for a while and this weekend I went to her meet-up in London.

I always have a huge respect for people who are running their own business, whatever this might be, I admire this and I always want to hear everything about it. Valeria is a lady who does it all, being a mum from three kids, married and running her own business, when I saw that she came to London and organized a meet and greet, I bought my ticket without even checking my diary, yes, I need to go and listen to this woman.

We can learn from everyone we meet in our life. I believe that everyone that comes across your path in whatever way this might be, they can always teach you something. As I said before, I hugely admire this woman, as she is doing basically everything what a person can do, next to a mum she is running her own business, lives a healthy and fit lifestyle and keeps going forward and working hard, really great.

This was my first time going to a meet and greet from someone I actually followed on social media, I didn’t really thought this was something I would do very soon, but I am so glad that I did, I went by myself which was not an issue for me, but I met so many lovely ladies who are all working on their own journey, ladies who are studying and working on a start-up next to their study, ladies who are already build their own business, or ladies who are working full time and building on their own dreams next to their fulltime job.
I was so amazed by how inspiring all the girls are, not only Valerie but everyone in the room. The building was filled with more than three hundred ladies (and a couple guys) and all such beautiful souls. It was great to talk with all the creative souls and share thoughts and dreams, it was honestly a great experience. And I was so happy that I could share my passion for writing with people who actually shared and understand my passion.

When I walked out of the building, I left with even more positive energy, and it was great to be in a room with people who are all working really hard on their own journey, it left me so inspired and motivated and I am sure that I will go to more meet-ups in the future.

If you do not follow Valeria yet, and you are curious, check her Instagram or YouTube page;

With love,Wiesje

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5 Reacties op Meet and greet with Valeria Lipovetsky.

  1. Belinda zegt:

    Door jou ben ik haar ook gaan volgen! Zo leuk! En wat inspirerend dat je hier naar toe bent gegaan! 😻

  2. Stefanie zegt:

    May I ask how you got the invite for the meet up or was it a ticket you bought? And if so, then how much did it cost? Just for future reference. Thank you very much! <3

    • Wiesje zegt:

      Hi lovely, sure, I saw that Valeria posted this on her instagram that she came to London and also organized a meet-up. I just ordered the tickets through her instagram page! XX

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