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It is time for Mask Monday guys! And today I would love to share this deep cleansing mask which is an all-time budget favourite of mine.

I received this mask as a birthday present from one of my lovely friends Romy, she knows me very well and skincare products as a present for me? Well, you can’t go wrong with that one. 
The funny thing is that I already finished one pot of this mask a while ago and I absolutely loved it, receiving an extra package made me a very happy woman. 


This mask is great for the days that my skin is a bit redder and when I need to deal with a couple of spots here and there, I still have those days quite often. The Multi-Masking Clay Mask includes natural sea silt clay and charcoal powder, so this is great for any kind of spots. 

The package is telling us to leave the mask on for about 5-10 minutes and rinse this off with lukewarm water, I left it on for a little bit longer, around 20 minutes and that was absolutely fine, but for everyone with a more sensitive skin, read the instructions and do not leave it on for too long, this because you don’t want to dry your skin out too much.


Facial Clay Mask.
And the product! Lovely blue.

I am in love with this mask, it always helps me out when needed. My skin is still playing up every now and then and having this little guy right here, makes me and my skin feel so much better. The price is also great, I think it is around 3 pounds and I am not joking guys.

: ) my typical Sunday afternoon face.

Sadly, I didn’t manage to find this mask in England, but for all the Dutchies out there, grab your bike and go to the Action, find yourself a couple of these pots and you will thank me later. I will do the same when I am back in the village, which will probably be around Christmas time! Can’t wait!

What is your favourite face mask? And how many times a week do you use a face mask?

With love,

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