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Rosewater, a scent that makes me think of long summer evenings with a beautiful sunset and good company, probably a glass of wine too. The smell of rosewater let me travel to lovely places in my thoughts and you can probably imagine that when I see a rosewater body mist I am not able to resist this product.

A body mist was back in the day my first ever perfume, my mums bought me a body mist and I loved it so much. I remember spraying it in front of me and walking through the mist, spraying it again and walking so quick through the mist, scared that I should waste a bit of mist on my bedroom floor, yes a body mist brings up very good memories and so does rosewater to me. 

Beautiful packaging, very minimalistic.

This lovely body mist is a refreshing rosewater sense and I absolutely love it. The smell is there, but not extremely strong. I feel that a body mist should be settled, and not extremely strong and like a proper perfume.

Spray a soft mist all over your body for a splash of invigorating scent.

The body mist is hydrating at the same time, great to use on a hot day after a journey in the tube, we all know how lovely that is when the temperatures are rising, right? Or during lunch, a quick touch-up to make yourself ready for those last four hours of the day! Basicially, a mist is just a must in our handbag. 

I bought this mist in a set with the body scrub that I wrote about a few days ago, and as mentioned before, there was one more product in the set which was a body polish, I will write an article about this product soon, this brand has literally amazed me and it is a pity that I only bought one set! I found some new favourites. 

Are you into a body mist? If so, which one is your favourite?

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