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Coffee and coconut. Two very big winners for me. This combined in a body scrub? Sounds like an absolute diamond for me. 

I found this amazing for me, completely unknown brand in the TK-Maxx and I have a very difficult time finding more out about this brand. Google does not come up with plenty of information which is such a pity. However, I was hoping that anyone of you guys can tell me maybe more about the Luxe-Spa (Essentials) brand, because these products are –amazing-.

The body Scrub Exfoliating Coffee + Coconut oil comes in a beautiful glass pot with a very minimalistic look, exactly what I love.
What also caught my eye was; when I opened the pot at home, the scrub was filled up to the top of the pot, that is great plus. You know the feeling when you open a bag of crisps and you feel like someone else in the shop already took about fifty percent out of the bag? Nothing worse than that! This pot was filled up completely and that is a small detail which made me very happy.

The beautiful pot. It is glass, so be careful in the shower, but it looks beautiful in the bathroom.

This scrub is completely paraben-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegans. The ingredients are Coffee and coconut oil and let me tell you, the smell is literally amazing. 

And the ingredients.

What is different about this scrub is that it looks and feels a bit like sand, it is literally loose in the pot without any substance to keep it all together. It is a loose body scrub which I needed to get used to when I just start using it, but I found my way quickly. Just take a good amount of scrub out of the pot and massage it all over your body. I would not use this scrub on my face, that will be too intense. After massaging it all over your body, wash it off and say hello to your super soft baby skin!

The product. The smell is so good guys!

After this, I have another amazing product to use in my shower routine, which is from the same brand; a body polish. 
I will share this with you guys in another article. I found this amazing brand by the TK-Maxx, one of my favourite shops to have a look around for new skincare surprises.
What is your favourite body scrub?

With love,

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