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Sometimes you come across something that is almost too good to be true, I love to share the good stuff with you guys and this is why I am so excited to share this amazing box with you. Neom is an amazing brand with the loveliest products, at the moment they have a limited edition box on sale which is an absolute must for your stash, believe me.

For everyone who is visiting my blog often won’t be surprised that I am a massive fan from the Neom Products. The smell, the consistency, it just literally brings the spa to your bathroom. The pillow spray and hand balm are two favourites of mine, and for special occasions (I like to make a special occasion from almost everything) I use the scented candle from Neom, using this candle makes our flat smell like a spa, so relaxing.

This box from Lookfantastic X Neom is limited edition and the price we pay is £45,- for this price you receive six products, three of these products are full size, personally, I believe that this is a great price for so many items.

The box includes;
The Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow mist.(Favourite of mine!) this product is full size, 30ml. The price for this product is £20,

The Tranquillity Scented Candle, again a full size product. The price of this product is 32,- The price for the scented candle is £32.

A quick calculation here means that you now already have more worth for your money than you paid for the full box, isn’t that amazing?

I am telling you guys, this candle is something else, so, so good…

The next product is the Perfect Night’s Sleep Cleansing balm and cloth, again a full size product, 100ml. The price of this product is; £32, I am so super excited to try this one out, I keep you guys updated, because I will write a seperate review about this exciting cleansing balm.

The Perfect night’s sleep body oil, this product is a good sample size, which is 25ml. 

The two sample size products, still a decent amount of product, great for traveling.

And, last but not least, the two sample-sizes products; the perfect night’s sleep face oil and the nourish breathe & sleep hand balm, the hand balm is 10ml and the face oil is 5ml. Both great to take with you in your handbag, I am personally a big fan of luxury samples.

My biggest favourites from this box are absolutely the cleansing balm, the pillow mist and the candle, all so good. I will review each product in separate articles, otherwise, this article would become very long with too much information in one go.

This product is now on sale on and you only pay £45 for a box full of great products, also amazing to give as a present, but believe me, also really amazing to buy as a present for yourself!

With love,

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