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The little black book. This is a must-have for all hard-working and creative woman out there – are you thinking about starting your own company, or you already own one? Here you go, you need this book in your life. Are you grinding for a boss? You need this book. This toolkit will basically help every women (and man) with drive. A great guide who helps you along the way

I remember so well when I bought this book, it was when I spend the weekend in Oxford with Justice and we stepped into this amazing, very old but huge bookstore in Oxford, I am not joking when i tell you guys that you can literally spend two days in this bookstore, it was so big and we’ve seen the most beautiful books out there. Of course, i could not leave the shop with empty hands and choose this little number right here, the ‘little black book‘ which is a very bright pink – small handbook. It drew my attention straight away and the first sentence I read was ‘ a toolkit for working women’  Say no more! This one is coming home with me.

The book is written by Otegha Uwagba, I start googling this lady and she is a real power woman, she is the founder of; Woman Who, a platform that she created to connect and support creative working woman worldwide. She is also a freelance writer and brand consultant. Next, to this, she is nominated for the Forbes top 30 under 30. Yes girl, get it! Amazing. She is doing it all!
One of my biggest dreams is to see my own books in the shop one day, so every time when I read something about a lady who already achieved this, I can honestly only admire that. 

‘The book of the year for working women with drive.’

More about ‘the little black book’ The great thing about the Little black book is that it is so clear and easy to read, no-nonsense.
Money, contracts, outfits, freelancing, she is talking about everything and in no-time, you are already halfway through the book! This toolkit is great for if you ask me, everyone who has a job and a drive to achieve more. This can be anything, becoming your own boss one day or grow in the company that you are a part from. This book will be your friend along your journey, highly recommended.

I love reading books that make me feel even more motivated, focussed and more organized. This book does it all!

Thank you so much for reading,
With love, Wiesje

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