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Beyond excited after my official launch day yesterday, I received so many lovely messages and orders, I could not be happier, thank you all so much. Today I would like to tell you more about the different kind of fragrances available, let me take you to the wonderful world of beautiful scents.

I decided to start with 3 different kind of fragrances in my wax bars, which are; Nova, Violet and Infinity. I feel that the scents are all quite different and this makes the wax bars suitable for everyone, as of course, taste in fragrances is personal, which makes it so much fun and interesting. 

I really tried my best to come out with different kind of fragrances, I am picky and this was not a quick job, it needed to be luxurious, beautiful and deep, I am super excited to give you more information about all 3 fragrances;

If I need to pick one of my favourites, I would not be able to do so. I feel that every scent is just beautiful, all in their own special way. 

Nova is for me very fresh and reminds me of spring and summer. This scent gives me energy and very positive vibes, very beautiful and just so fresh.

Violet is for me the perfect scent to burn while having a sweet romantic date night, cuddling up on the sofa with a little drink and chatting away, or while having your typical selfcare-Sunday, having that me-time in the bathroom surrounded by your fav skincare and burning this beautiful smell in the background, just lovely.

Infinity; very luxurious, again, I adore this scent. I knew straight away that I needed to bring this scent out. I -love- burning this scent in my living room from our cosy London flat, I can smell this all day every day, this might sounds a bit strange, but this scent is dreamy, hence why I gave this scent the name; Infinity. Sit down with your notebook, write all your goals down, take a moment to breath deep & write more and bigger goals down. A fragrance that motivates and inspires you, a real must, if you ask me!

I really hope that you guys find this helpful, I am just so extremely excited about these bars, as you can probably tell.

Just to give you all a bit more information in regard to placing an order, at the moment I take orders through email; and on direct message through my Instagram page;

The price for the wax bars; £5, the shipping fee in UK is £1.85. (max 500gr)
The price for shipping to The Netherlands; €4.85 (max 500gr)

Thank you so much!
With love, Wiesje

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