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Every day I protect my skin with a SPF since a young age. No day goes by that I actually forget to use a sun protection product. But using a sun protection for my hair, is something that I didn’t do regularly enough. Time to change this.

The label.m products are the official hair care products of the London Fashion week. It is an award winning fashion inspired range developed by professional stylists. Their mission is to inspire and nurture creativity and individuality in professional stylist and clients around the world.

What are the benefit from this product? This spray is a moisturising protein spray, it will help to shield your hair from heat damage and evens out porosity. At the same time, this product will give your hair a great shine.

What are the key ingredients?Blend of jasmine, sweet pea, vanilla, wheat and soy.

How to use this product? Very easy, just spray it all over your damp or dry hair and comb it all through. You can also use it after colouring your hair to prevent fading and damage.

What are my thoughts? Yes, I love, love this product. This is
already my second bottle of this product and I do really like it.

I love to use it after washing my hair as a protection layer or when I do use a blow-dryer or curling iron, which isn’t super often, but every now and then. We had such a sunny weekend and I was actually off from work, which means I spend so much more time outside instead of in the office, I used this product before leaving my flat, as it was so super sunny. Amazing! But I will be much more aware of protecting my hair like I do with my face.
This product gives my hair a great shine, feels lovely after using it and the smell is a great plus. Yes, will absolutely buy this again. And again. The price is 16.95 for 250ml.

With love,Wiesje

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