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A refreshing facial mist but works at the same time great for oily skin that is prone to blemishes. I was sold straight away, this product is in my stash for ages, a super interesting skin mist infused with zinc. Let’s talk about this one.

This is not my first product from the brand La Roche-Posay. The brand is French, and I am very sure that I pronounce it completely wrong, but that one the side. When I see this brand, I always think about my best friend, Elmi. Who is obsessed with this brand, I remember when we went to Lisbon together for our yearly girl’s trip, and jumped into the Pharmacy where she spend ages looking into these products. I remember that she bought an SPF and I do think also a cleanser, you know that you see or smell a certain product, it just brings you back to certain memories? Probably a reason why I also love the brand, it makes me think about my best friend and of course, that makes me happy.

Anyway, let’s talk about the product. It is an interesting one! Let me be honest with you guys, the Serozinc is a skin mist / toner. I would not only call it a skin mist, as it does refresh my face, but it also really works like a toner. This toner is especially great for people with an oily skin, it includes zinc, which works great on blemishes and spots.


It will reduce grease and mattify your skin, it will leave it shine-free and the thermal spring water in the skinmist, will work to purify and soothe the skin. Well yes, this all sounds like a dream to me. However, I needed to get used to this product. When I bought it, I wasn’t prepared and probably should do more research as I thought it was a toner (oh well, might be a language thing here.)
Anyway, I was surprised when I opened up the package and saw that it is actually a mist, in the first place I start spraying it on a cotton pad and used it as a toner, well. That didn’t really do the job, so let’s switch things up. I used it now as a skinmist, and I actually bloody love it! Yes, this is a keeper.

This product is available for just 10pound, available in almost every pharmacy and of course, online.

With love, Wiesje

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  1. Inge griess zegt:

    IAm so glad I discovered La Roche Possey!
    My husband has this serious skin problems.And the hospital discrybed him horreble stuf on base of cortison😕he was using it for years and his skin became very thin and red!! Than I was at the pharmacie and some lady told me about LRP.
    now he skipped all the bad stuff and only uses several products of La Roche Posay and his serious problems are gone!!

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