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Sometimes we just need to add a little bit of colour on our cheeks to create a more awake and healthy look. A blush can be your best friend on days like this, add a little bit of colour and you look so much more fresh and alive.

I do feel that a must-have product in everyone’s stash should be a blush, purely because it can do so much for your face with such little effort. Plenty times after waking up and checking myself out in the mirror, I am actually asking myself the question what the hell did I do the last 6 hours in bed, as it does sometimes looks like I didn’t even have had an hour of sleep.

My regime is simple and efficient, I jump into the shower, scrub that body, yes girl! After this is done, we spray loads of perfume, and I start my skincare regime, it is a lot, but this is an important part of my morning. When that is done, I start doing my usual day make-up, which is pretty easy. Concealer under my eyes à much needed, believe me. A little bit of powder under my eyes and around my forehead, I use some bronzer on my eyes and last but not least, mascara to look around twenty-five instead of fifteen.

So, that is my daily make-up routine, super easy and believe it or not, this takes me around five minutes.

Today I would like to share this lovely Kiko blush with you guys, in the colour Mauve Space. I would call this colour a dusty pink and it is such a lovely colour. Not too pink or too bright, but very settled. I remember buying this blush when I was waiting around for my man in central London (what is new…)
We had tickets for the show from the Lion King and we met each other in central, but he actually forgot the tickets from the locker by the train station, oh well! At the end it all worked out fine, I am very Dutch about my timing, and when I am saying very Dutch I actually say that I am on the extreme side. Anyway, just to kill some time in central I popped in the Kiko store and you already know that you will not walk out with empty hands, so I bought this little number. It was one of those situations, I saw the blush, loved it straight away and didn’t even think twice.

Lovely package.

‘Green me’ 01 Mauve space.

The colour is so lovely, the pigmentation is great and the package is super simple, nice detail is that it includes a mirror, great for when you are traveling and just need a quick check-up.
The price was very good; I do not remember this exactly but I was something like 8pound. Which I think is a great price.

has such lovely products and the quality is really good! If you did not try
Kiko out yet, I would suggest to move yourself to one of their shops and have a
little look around, you will not regret it.

With love,Wiesje

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