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Oh Dear! This is something that is in my mind for ages, years I would say. The interesting thing is that this is so not me… When I usually have something in my mind I get it done straight away and I do not take my time to think about it, just a little bit impulsive every now and then. But, when we are talking about changing my hair color, I take my time, I am taking years. But here we go, the consultation is done and here we go, I take you guys with me!

I am literally buzzing. So super excited about this project, as I already mentioned, this is something that is playing in my mind for years. But moving country, I found it a real struggle to find a hairdresser where I felt comfortable without me paying a month rent plus being so broke after that, that I almost needed to sell a kidney. Listen, London is crazy, the prices are crazy and that is something that I can’t change, but listen I work hard and don’t want to waste my coins on an orange messed up haircut. 

I feel that in the last few weeks I feel more and more that I was very up for a change, and that change should be my hair colour. I am looking into this caramel bronde colour for absolute ages and I find it so beautiful on other people, but my hair always turns out being crazy orange and I am just not feeling this look. 

Finding the right salon was a real struggle already, but fingers crossed… I think I manage to tick this box. With a little bit of help from the barber from our village (Hansie dank je!)  he recommended me this brand that will lighten up your hair but minimize the damage from the bleaching. Sounds great, right? After doing some research I got very excited when seeing their Instagram and the balayage they fix on people’s heads. Howly, that looks good. Of course, I have about 350 inspiration pictures, let me show you what I have in my mind for my new coupe!

This is one of the clients from the lady where I am going to get my hair done, found this one on her Instagram page, Adele Chapman hair, by
Love this colour! But i would like to have my highlights a bit lower. (low maintenance) … Check Adele her instagram for more amazing pictures of her work. @Adelechapmanhair.
love, love it.
So beautiful.

Me being Wiesje, diving full into this process, I booked myself in and I had my consultation and patch test already (I travelled an hour on the central line with 54 degrees, yup, determination.)  
I am already prepared that I might need two sessions to get my hair on the level that I want, as it is quite warm already, but let’s see how it all goes. I am very excited and I am so up for this change. Let’s bring it on, i want that bronde coffee look girls. 

With love,
Wiesje ❤️

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  1. Tante Inge zegt:

    Jaaaaa goed geschreven Wies!
    Ik heb weer moeten lachen, zo ken ik je weer!!
    Ben heeeel benieuwd naar het resultaat, als je die dure operatie ; ) al overleefd tenminste!

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