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Lucky me, my sister came over for the weekend to spend some quality time together. We had the best proper sister time, which for us includes lots of food, Dutch jokes, plenty of chatting, more food, shopping and a couple of cocktails (two cocktails… I am a real lightweight…) 

Thursday evening it was time to pick her op from the airport, Jus and me now have the cutest car which makes things a little bit easier. I was at work on Friday but we still had the Friday evening and the full Saturday and Sunday! Saturday we took it very easy during the day, we had ice-cream for breakfast and stayed in for the first few hours, in the afternoon it was time to get some clothes on and make our way to the shopping centre. The sale is going on, so we did not fancy to walk in the crowd on Saturday, best is to go a little later when most people are already finished spending their coins. 

I took a couple of pictures in the mall to show you guys around, on Sunday we went out to watch the tennis on a big screen (Justice his idea) and Mara and me went again for a bit of shopping during the match, somehow we ended up in a cocktail bar and this one right here is a very lightweight, which means two cocktails further and I was actually tipsy. But, we had the best time. After the cocktails, we ended up by Wagamama to have some delicious food and cake, what a great day! I show you;

The H&M in Westfield is absolutely massive.
And I saw this cute dress from the new collection, it is a shame because literally everyone in London owns this dress.
For all the husbands, boyfriends, brothers our yourself; H&M has a cafe in the shop!
And it is full of plants <3

It looks so super cute, a little green jungle in the middle of the shop.
Last one from the jungle!
Get yourself a little snack in between shopping. It is bloody hard work and every time when I step into Westfield I am exhausted when I get home!
Quick mirror selfie
Time for dinner. Do you see that little pot in the corner? The ‘white chocolate dream’ guys I am telling you, this was a real dream. That dessert was absolutely amazing.
Time to go home, the sky was so beautiful <3
The next day we watched the tennis with my boyfriend. I am not very into tennis, but I didn’t mind watching this, however the match was around 5 hours long and we did popped into the shops a little bit earlier..
It was a really cool setting! A big screen with lounge chairs. A little bit cloudy but hey.
Me and Mara decided to visit one of the most beautiful h&m’s from London – if you ask me the most beautiful one. This H&M in Hammersmith is stunning, I made a few pics!
Love the outfit on the right! That is a bit of me.
I told you! Stunning, right?
They repair your clothes in the shop (for free when you are a h&m member) a small charge when you are not. How cool?
Enough! I’m off.
Well, this afternoon turned out interesting! We felt like going for a drink. I can not even tell you the last time that I actually went out for a drink, I literally never drink anymore, wauw. 1 cocktail and I felt completely dizzy with legs like spaghetti. We had the best time. Two cocktails each, the second one was my fav!
After the cocktails we needed some food…
My sis and her vegan meal. Looks good eh?
Thankful <3

We had a great weekend, a mix from a lot of relaxing and chatting combined with good food and great company. I am more and more used to the fact that my family and friends do not live around the corner anymore, but if they are coming to visit me for the weekend I always realise that I am a very blessed girl with incredible people around me.

Thank you so much for reading <3 I hope that you enjoyed my weekend in pictures!

With love,

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