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Hydrogel – Under Eye Mask.

Those under eyes… They need a lot of attention. The skin is so much more thin and sensitive, let’s give those under eyes what they need, today more about this special under-eye mask.

This will make everyone feel better. Those under eyes can be annoying sometimes, sometimes the colour of the skin does not match the rest of your skin tone (like mine under eyes, blue, why though…) We probably are also all familiar with a bit of puffy eyes, after a short night of sleep, or during a long working week. Time to fight those little issues.
This mask is specially made for the eye-area, basically two gel pads, that you put on the area under your eyes.

What are the
benefits of this product?
Hydrates and soothes
the skin under your eyes. I did put the eye-mask 10 minutes in the fridge
before applying, just because I wanted the cooling sensation. This wasn’t mentioned
on the package, but that idea came in my mind. I can absolutely advice to put
it in the fridge first, so cooling and relaxing.

What are my thoughts? Loving it, so good and relaxing. The eye area is a part of our face that we need to be careful with, as the skin is so thin and delicate, so this mask comes in super handy. I usually have a couple of these mask in my stash, for those weeks that I do need it. I can tell you, this are actually most of the weeks.
I also read that plenty of people wear these masks during long flight, well, I am not in the position to give you any reviews about that, as I don’t catch those long flights very often… But I do think it is a great idea!

With love,Wiesje

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