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I can’t live without a face mist, being behind my laptop all day long either in the office or at home, traveling around London in the trains and busses, we all know the struggle. We need that refreshing feeling all the time. Face mists are amazing for that quick ‘pick me up moment’, and I’m not lying if I tell you that I need those moments about forty times a day.

I have to admit that I love luxurious products, I love it all. Skincare is a real passion of mine and I am happy to spend some pennies on my passion, it makes me happy so why the hell not? However, I love a bargain too, who doesn’t though? This face mist from the Heritage Store is a real bargain. The price is around a tenner and the bottle is huge, 237ml. Bargain!

This product works amazing to spray on dry or tight skin. Great to use before applying your Hyaluronic acid serum for extra hydration or for example after you finish your make-up. 

The ingredients are simple but effective. The Glycerin act as a humectant and the rosewater helps to make the skin feeling soft and supple.

I always have a bottle on my desk and love spraying it during the day, plenty times. Being indoors all day especially now during lockdown, so important to work on the hydration and this product is a must-have. 

Also, for anyone who is planning on traveling to London when it’s possible again, make sure to carry a face mist in your handbag too, believe me if I tell you that you need it.

Thank you so much for reading, XX Wiesje

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