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To all my wizards out there, this one is for you. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, let me take you to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour. I do not want to offend anyone, but even if you are not a diehard Harry fan, believe me; this tour is magic.

April is the birthday month from my boyfriend, and for this year it was not a difficult one for me at all. He is not big on birthdays, me on the other side, I love to prepare the birthday a couple months in advance, it is important that we find a midway here, so I got him tickets to his absolute dream location, the Harry Potter world, here in London. 

I would like to start of with the fact that getting yourself some tickets is not the easiest job in the world. The studio tour is so extremely popular so my advice is to get your tickets well in advance. I found tickets for a weekend in June which I combined with a special ‘behind the seams tour’. Lucky him;)

For us the drive to the studios was about 45 minutes, we had such beautiful weather and I was actually so excited! Justice deserves the best birthday present, so let’s bring it on!
Arriving by the studios you will ask yourself the question how big of a fan are you actually? Even Jus asked himself this question and he knows every book and movie from the beginning till the end, including every small detail. Me on the other hand; Not so much Harry Potter knowledge and I don’t even have my ‘favourite house.’ Well, now I do though! But I never did before, didn’t even know that this was a thing though. Oh well, we all start somewhere. For everyone who is curious about my ‘house’ I am Gryffindor… We even have a Gryffindor pillow in our bedroom, we really take it to the next level now.
Let me tell you more about the tour itself, but not too much, just in case you going to visit it yourself one day. The tour is huge, we arrived around 11am and we finished around 6.30pm. Can you actually believe this? You can spend a full day there! In combination with lots of butterbeer and sweets.

Harry’s cupboard under the stairs, bless him.
I was so shocked to see how they made this scene!
The great hall.

 The tour starts in such a cool way, when you start walking into the venue, you honestly don’t know where to look first. It is so, so impressive and everything is so well made. As mentioned before, you really don’t need to be a massive Harry Potter fan to hugely enjoy this tour, I loved every bit of it. Especially the forest and almost at the end of the tour you see how they make the costumes and the masks, that was also so extremely impressive, plus Dobby is there! I love Dobby. There is also so much fun stuff to do, you can see literally every bit of all the films but then in real life. I get excited again when talking about it. They even had a special corner about the Harry Potter animals. They had so many dogs on the set, cats and owls, that might actually be my favourite part of the tour.

Of course, let’s not forget about the biggest star from the whole tour, JK Rowling, her career is an absolute dream for me and it is so cool to see what she achieved, I really do not have words to describe how much this woman achieved in her life. Incredible. This lady start writing when she was six years young, she never quit writing and this made her one of the biggest authors in the world. She didn’t make people only falling in love with her books, she created a complete dreamworld around her story; books, films, studiotours, musicals,
Years after the release of her first book, it is still packed at the studio tours, day in day out, sold out. What an absolute hero, extremely determined and she is a real example that you can make anything possible when you keep going and never should quit on your dreams.

The price for the tickets depends on what kind of tour you would like to book, our tickets were about 65 pound per person, and that is absolutely worth the price. If you ask Justice, he would tell you that this was the best birthday present –ever- An absolute dream for him. Well, I think I did well! ‘Happy man is happy life’.

Did you already visit to the Harry Potter Studio tour?
With love, Wiesje

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