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Grow Gorgeous ‘Scalp Detox’

Dear oh dear! Sometimes you come across a product which makes you so super excited, that you actually want to jump in the bathroom ready for that me-time. That was exactly what happened with me when I received the ‘Scalp Detox’… This one is interesting.

Right, I received this little number in one of my beauty boxes (another addiction from me, bless my boyfriend who is basically living in a skincare warehouse.) As I mentioned earlier, I was so super excited to try this out. ‘Scalp Detox’ it just sounds amazing to me. I felt that straight away that my scalp actually needs a detox. Interesting though, as I never felt that before, but as soon as I read the package, I completely felt for it. That is how it goes at the end of the day, isn’t it?!

It was a Thursday evening, that means for me ‘washing my hair and doing three different face masks evening’ Thursday is my evening, I lock myself up in the bathroom, open all my cabinets and just start using plenty of products, tint my eyebrows, put all different kind of face masks on, use my IPL machine all over my body and I wash my hair. I do not wash my hair often, only once of twice a week and it takes always a little bit of time.
This Thursday I took together with my favourite Lanza Shampoo and conditioner, the scalp detox with me. It is a pre-wash treatment, so I wet my hair, used this on my scalp left it for a couple minutes (for a cooling sensation.) I didn’t experienced that myself, but I did do exactly what was on the package. And give it a quick rinse.

Well, this is where it becomes interesting. A quick rinse became three minutes. The three minutes become twice a full head of shampoo and another ‘quick rinse’ and I still didn’t get rid of this bloody product guys, it is a kind of scrub and the way it made my hair feel actually freaked me out! At this point I actually got stressed and felt the need to alarm my boyfriend who was probably enjoying the time for himself in the living room without me chatting to him, sometimes you just need that kind of support and this was one of those situations.

After washing my hair for fifteen minutes, twice with shampoo, plenty water and conditioner in the ends I stepped out of the shower. Did everything how I always do it, leave my hair drying without using any heat, a couple of serums and protection spray and I jumped into the bed.

Next day; Got my morning shower and as soon as I brushed my hair I already felt what kind of situation we had here. Yup, my hair felt oily, greasy and funny. Great. I’ve never ever experienced before that after washing my hair the next day I had to deal with oily hair. This product is just not for me. 
A shame because it sounds so cool, but a scrub for your scalp, which is difficult to wash out… Hmm… This was a one of for me. I would not try this again.

With love,Wiesje

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