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Great Cleansing Routine for Hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is something that I have been struggling with for quite a long time, these two products from Mesoestetic have been in my routine for a few months now and today I would love to share my thoughts on these two products.

Step 1 in my AM and PM routine is obviously cleansing, the Whitening Cleanser foam is a lovely cleanser that includes ingredients such as glycolic and lactic acid. 

The ingredients have a mild softening and shedding effect, it removes the makeup super effectively (I do always double-cleanse in the evening) and the cleanser leaves my skin feeling super fresh and moisturised.  

The Whitening Foam.

Step 2 in my AM and PM Routine; 

The Whitening Toning Lotion is a clarifying lotion that provides a mattifying effect and regulates oil products, I use this as the last step in my cleansing routine.

The texture from this lotion is so beautiful, it’s like a gel which applies so smooth and leaves my skin feeling super fresh.

Ingredients such as Niacinamide, which helps with hyperpigmentation.

Aloe Vera – works as a great moisturiser and very soothing for the skin.

Allantoni – helps to speed up skins cell regeneration. 

The Whitening Toning Lotion.

I personally apply this lotion all over my face using my hands, I love the effect that it has on my skin and I feel that it also worked treating my hyperpigmentation, spots are a little less dark, and the overall complexion seems to look a little better too. 

I am super pleased with these products and definitely recommend if you are looking for a great cleansing duo to treat your hyperpigmentation. 

In NL zijn de producten te verkrijgen bij; BeautyLounge Lichtenvoorde.

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