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The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the skin is screaming for that extra layer of SPF. For everyone who knows me or reads my articles, you guys will know already how massive I am on my SPF, no day goes by that I leave the door without…

Now the temperatures are much higher and the sun is shining so bright, we will need to take extra care of our body too, as the knitwear is back in the cabinet and the summer dresses are here to make an entrance.

SPF 50 on my face is a must-have for me and has been since I start working in the beauty salon from around age 18. I thankfully learned very early how important it is to use a good SPF every day as last step of your routine. But of course, while it’s winter and we are completely covered in cozy jumpers, we can worry a little less about our bodies.

We had such beautiful weather the last week in the UK and I can’t tell you guys enough how important it is to use that SPF, the sun is so strong and it goes so much quicker than you expect. Before you know the damage is made and you will suffer from red / burned skin.

The Garnier Sensitive Advanced Lotion is an SPF50 great for the body. It’s a very high protection without any fragrance and also water resistant.
The greatest thing I find about this SPF is that it’s non-sticky. It really sinks in the skin like a body lotion and made my skin feeling soft.
Worst thing for me is sticky SPF on the body, that when you move around you just feel your clothes sticking on your body, that is a no for me!

I already put this SPF to the test last week, as it has been so sunny and warm. In the morning I apply this SPF after my body lotion and when I am planning on leaving the house, I apply the SPF again.

The package is 200ml and the price is around £7,- great price for a lovely product.
Lovely little detail is also that the tube is made with cardboard, which means it contains 48% less plastic. Amazing!

I can’t tell you guys enough how important applying SPF is, please do not forget your SPF, your hat and sunglasses, be always prepared!

Thank you so much for reading, XX Wiesje 

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