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Obviously we all had to take a massive step back if we are talking about any kind of beauty treatments. No facials, no haircuts and no manicure or pedicures. I have missed it sooo much and the end of April will be full with ‘self-care’ appointments. 

However, the lockdown didn’t hold me back to keep doing lots of beauty treatments at home, and a pedicure was one of them. 
It’s funny when I think about it because I don’t think that I ever in my life have been barefoot so much. I work from home since the beginning of the lockdown, which was here in London around the 20th of March and I do absolutely love it. I have a great routine and my diet has never been better.

Also, no more stuck in traffic for hours on the busy London roads, yes, working from home makes me super happy.

Regarding the beauty treatments, of course I miss going to a salon to get my nails or hair done, this was one of my favourite things to do prior to the pandemic. It really makes me relaxed and for me the perfect way to enjoy the weekend. However, I did not let myself go during the lockdown and keep looking after myself, just because I find it so super important. 

The Flexitol Heel balm is a medically proven treatment for dry and cracked feet. 

This cream gives the heels intense moisturiser, is highly effective and works skin nourishing.They even promise results in 1 day! Sounds good eh?

I have to admit that I do not have cracked heels, I also don’t have super dry feet, but I love a good foot cream. 
I like applying a thick layer in the evening, put some socks on and I sit down to read a little before bed. 

The next morning when I wake up my feet had a great overnight treatment. I am actually very impressed with the Flexitol Heel balm. I already read such good things about it, but it does a great job. Perfect product to add into your routine to make your feet summer ready.

What is your favourite product to use for your feet?
Thank you for reading, XX Wiesje

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