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I do not have any difficulties with spoiling myself way too much, the other day I decided it was time to treat myself again with this luxurious face mask, a girl needs to look after herself, right? The Eve Lom Radiance Transforming mask is all about achieving that glow. I would love to tell you more about this one.

Eve Lom is a brand that I know from the cleansers which I absolutely loved since day one. They have the best cleansing balms and it just feels luxurious on the skin. I got my eyes on this mask for a little while but I didn’t purchase it yet. However, the other day I cuddled up with myself on the sofa and my laptop and this is always a tricky time for me, as soon as I start browsing around in the evening hours I might make some purchases! The Eve Lom Mask was ordered, and a couple of days later it was on my doorstep. Yes!

Stunning package.

This Radiance Transforming Mask reawakens and reveals skin that looks renewed, supple and radiant straight after using it. This mask includes a natural source of AHA from the Australian caviar Lime, (oh hello!) Lime pearl is a gentle but effective exfoliant that works to remove the buildup of debris and promote natural cell turnover. The result is brigther, smoother skin. 
This mask has a different consistency than what I am used to, this mask is very thin and is more like a gel. I am very used to clay masks, so this was a little surprise. After massaging the mask into your skin it will feel a little bit warm, leave it on for about 30 minutes and when removing te mask it will become a more thick consistency. Your skin will be youthful and radiant. The skin is left hydrated for up to 6 hours. You can also use this as an overnight mask, which will give you a hydrated skin up to 72 hours. Great to use after a long flight on the aeroplane!

The consistency from the mask is like a gel, and the package includes a handy little spatula.

The smell from this mask is very settled, the consistency as I mentioned before, was new for me, but it felt very comfortable and I liked the slightly warm feeling. I did not leave it on overnight yet, but will absolutely try that out too. I can recommend this mask for anyone who needs that extra hydration, great for the (hot) summer months too. Or, when you are lucky enough to travel a lot, grab this mask and your skin will always be glowing and super hydrated! No one is saying no to hydrated and glowing skin, right? 

The price is £65 for 100ml and you do not need a lot of product when using this mask, this pot will last you a good amount of time.

With love,

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