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Let’s bring the spa to our own bathroom. I think that this is an absolute must, lock the bathroom door once a week (or more) get your favourite products out, listen to a podcast and just spend time with yourself when doing a home facial and hair treatment. That is why today I would like to share the Espa Pink hair and scalp mud with you guys, perfect for that spa evening at home, and your hair will love it.

I think it doesn’t come as a surprise for you guys that I love the ESPA products, they literally bring the spa at your home. So, so good. I have the best body and bath oils from Espa, and some really good day and night moisturizers. This product is something that was very new to me, super excited as always I love to tell you more about the Pink hair and scalp mud.
An intensive mineral-rich treatment mask that deeply conditions, it will leave your hair soft and smooth, and the scalp nourished.

The key ingredients from this product are; Vitamin C, Watercress and Red Clay. This will soothe and nourish the scalp, apricot kernel oil helps to work on stronger, healthy looking and manageable hair.

The formula from the product is very thick which makes it so lovely to use.

How does it work? Oh guys, this product is so lovely. Of course, there are plenty ways of using this product, but the way I do it most of the time is that I use it overnight (usually in the weekends) I make my hair a little bit wet the evening before and massage it all over my hair and also on my scalp, I give myself a little head massage when doing this. Which is super relaxing and a good way for the product to work extra deep.
I put a towel on my pillow and jump into my bed, go to sleep and the next morning after my coffee I wash it all out in the shower, after washing it out I use a shampoo and a conditioner and my hair is silky soft. This product makes my hair so soft, but bouncy at the same time. The shine is great and the smell! Oh dear, so Good!!!

The product is not super cheap, a pot from 180ml is 34 pound. But, you do not need a super big amount of product when using it, and I only use it once a week. When using it just once a week, it will last you for a while.

Do you already have experience with
scalp mud? If so, what are your thoughts?

With love, Wiesje

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